The modern Cinderella

Nellie Brosnan

Everyone is familiar with the classic fairytale, Cinderella. We adore the hardworking mice, despise the evil stepmother and admire the gorgeous girl. Let’s face it — she’s the perfect and complete package. Her breathtaking beauty, sheer kindness and singing skills instill envy in all women, both young and old. And even now, 315 years after the fairy tale was first written, women still strive to be like the beautiful character that is Cinderella.

Let’s break it down. From her long, flowing blond hair to her sparkling blue eyes, Cindy is the ultimate woman. Her creamy complexion adds to her natural beauty and her slender hips and big bust are not the result of intense Pilates workouts, but from cooking and cleaning for her evil stepsisters. Maybe we should do more of that.It all sounds a bit familiar: the blond hair, the blue eyes, the big boobs. It sounds like Barbie. Barbie and Cindy share the same soft white skin, thin figure and piercing blue eyes. Women are jealous of both of them. These girls are the ones to get the guy, whether it’s Ken or Prince Charming, and are the “It girl” of their time. They’re the kind of girls that you want to hate because you know they are better than you — and that is exactly how the evil stepmother and stepsisters feel. In “Cinderella,” they force Cindy to do their dirty work simply because they are jealous of her, but because they can.

However, there are several different versions of the fairy tale, such as “Cinderella” by the Grimm Brothers, who take a more gruesome view of the story and came out way before the Disney movie. In this version, the evil stepsisters cut off their big toes and their heels in an attempt to fit their fat feet into the tiny, delicate glass slipper. Blood spews out of their feet like water from squirt guns and spills all over the room. Now we may cringe at this, but we are basically doing the same things to our bodies today. We may not be cutting off toes and such, but we are engaging in nose jobs, plastic surgery, waxing, extreme dieting, all in attempt to obtain that same appearance as Cindy.

Cinderella and Barbie are imaginary characters. One is a Disney princess and the other a doll. They are not even real people, so why are we trying to be like them? If there’s anything that I learned from reading “Cinderella,”  it’s that the ideal woman does not exist. Nobody’s perfect, not even Cinderella, because even she has to work hard instead of just live an easy life. We have to be happy with what we have because it is ridiculous to be jealous of a fairy tale character. Cinderella is made of a collection of pixels and Barbie a pile of ABS plastic.

What are we made of?