Career Year presentations fail to educate or draw student attention

Kiranmayi Methuku

High school is the time to be exploring careers, but the new Career Year setup struggles to serve this purpose.

Career Day in the past has been more than satisfactory. Students attended informative sessions with professionals in different fields of work and listened to a first-person perspective for various jobs. The day forced students to spend some much needed time to explore the possibilities for their futures.

Now, speakers are called in for Career Year (the recent Entertainment Industry speakers and an upcoming presentation on writing and equestrian studies). A total of three people showed up to an Entertainment Industry presentation. Three people. Clearly, Career Year is not doing so well.

Career planning is a serious part of high school. It shouldnít be set aside as just some voluntary presentation. Career Day gave the necessary amount of importance to career exploration and allowed (and forced) students to think about their futures.

The Career Day setup was helpful and organized. Despite the stress of organizing it, Career Day is a vital

With their serious lack of impact among students, Career Year presentations are in need of serious reconsideration.