How much are you wearing?

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How much are you wearing?

Cynthia Mao

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In one of the most affluent cities in the nation, nearly everyone seems financially well-off, but that may not always be the case. Oftentimes, an indicator of financial stability is willingness to spend on items other than necessities. We spoke to MVHS students to find out the cost of their outfits.

Sophomore Allyson Gottlieb

Necklace: $265
Coat: $120
Dress: $20
Leggings: $10
Boots: $120
Bag: $220
Total: $755








Senior Daniel Fu

Hat: $15
Shirt: $20
Jacket: $40
Jeans: $60
Shoes: $60
Total: $165











Sophomore Michelle Lew

Scarf: $5
Shirt: $3
Cardigan: $15
Jeans: $30
Boots: $60
Total: $113












Junior Pavan Sondhi

Shirt: $20
Jeans: $40
Shoes: $50
Total: $110