Where you can get some athletic swag

Where you can get some athletic swag

Lisa Zhang

Buried somewhere between the soccer goals and strange football pitching device, therein  lies a small torn box filled with golden glittering stars … and the championship trophies of the field hockey team from all the way back in 1995.

The storage boxes standing behind the B-building could be the eighth wonder of the modern world.

Abet their tilted floors and musty smell, the looming tanks offer the randomest collection of athletic items in all of MVHS. There are even air holes at the top, where slices of sunlight pore through, and discarded desks and chairs scatter the floor. Nearby is a box of old PE portfolios, all sentenced to a prolonged, tortuous death in the darkened tank. Not a pretty sight.

This machine is meant to pitch balls for baseball practice. But with its narrow, crane-like head, it could do well for cultivating a ping pong team. Photo by Yaamini Venkataraman.

A strange football pitching device sits alone on the ground between the large shelves with wheels. Itís bright yellow wheels are a stark contrast to its peeling blue paint, and spins rather well considering the amount of dust settled upon itís handle.

Another odd invention is hidden in the next storage box over, with a plastic, crane-like head dangerously aimed at the poor intruder who dares step past its shelf. It’s supposed to shoot plastic balls for baseball practice, but looks like it would do just as well for cultivating MVHS’s next ping pong team.

Maybe one day, the Annual Conquistador Award—those two helmets in the office—will be relocated to the eighth wonder of the MVHS world.

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