Six point increase in MVHS API scores this year

Six point increase in MVHS API scores this year

Nellie Brosnan

2010-2011 MVHS API score demographics Photo Illustration by

For the state of California, the API score for 2011 was 778. But for MVHS, it was 949.

The API, or Academic Performance Index, is a number that ranges from 200 to 1000, reflecting a school’s performance level based on statewide testing scores. According to FUHSD, its purpose is to measure the academic performance and growth of a school.

In 2010, MVHS scored a 943, scoring above the 2010 statewide performance mark of 800. This year, it rose another six points for a total of 949.

“I attribute the increase to two things,” Principal April Scott said. “First of all, to the students and families who take testing seriously, and the teachers because they reinforce the areas that the students weaker with.”

In 2010, 1861 students’ testing scores were reflected in the API. The top three dominant subgroups were 1400 Asian students, 389 Caucasian students, and 42 ELD students. In 2011, the number of students was relatively similar at a total of 1871 students and the same subgroups dominated the numbers. However, even though there were only ten more students that took the API in 2011, 50 more Asians were included in this total —a 2.3 percent increase.

According to the California Department of Education, API scores from MVHS are the highest in the district. FUHSD scored 875 in 2010 and 885 in 2011, which is considerably higher than the state of California’s score of 778 in 2011. Scott believes that the reason why the school is on the top charts is because of the families who value education and who set the culture of doing well. They then communicate these values to their children, who grow up wanting to succeed and therefore causing high school scores to increase.

“The two key things are that we have a student body and community that values education,” Scott said. “And teachers are teaching a strong curriculum so students are very well prepared, but they’re not only prepared for the STAR test, they’re prepared for everything.”