Creating energy

Creating energy

Tiffany Lau

Energy Club seeks different ways to save the earth






The Mayan myth tells us world is going to end in 2012. But we don’t know how it will end, or do we? It couldAmericans are consuming more energy than they need, contributing many harmful effects on the environment. Photo illustration by Tiffany Lau. be because of nuclear bombs, a natural disaster, or even worse, human greed. We take advantage of the energy sources we have, such as electricity, and ignore the harmful effects these sources have on the environment and on ourselves. A new club on campus, Energy Club, is taking a stand by building awareness for alternative and renewable energy to save the earth.

On March 10, Energy Club held its first lunch meeting. Though the club may be about saving the earth, it’s not about recycling or planting trees like other environmentally friendly clubs on campus. Its goal is to discuss, plan and develop new forms of energy through projects.

"In the future, energy [will be] everything because all the natural resources will deplete at some point," president junior Calvin Song said. "Since we’re [technologically] sound, we can [use] the technology to make renewable energy to replace the natural resources."

The club will require members to develop and complete one to two major projects each semester, which will be prototypes of alternative and renewable energy sources. These prototypes can then be entered into competitions, one of which is held by the federal Department of Energy. Because alternative and renewable energy is complex and expensive, members will focus on creating their prototypes for new energy sources by using resources around them (boxes, wood, plastic, etc.). The best part is that members don’t need to be experts in math, science or product development. 

"It’s not just students who are interested in math or science who we need, but also a larger variety of open-
minded, creative and even artistic students to help with designing and building prototypes," vice-president junior Jessica Park said. "I’d like this club to bring in a lot of different people."

Since Energy Club focuses on team work, members will get to work closely with one another on their projects and have weekly topical 

discussions about alternative and renewable energy. They will also be able to go on field trips to local companies like PG&E and Nasaw and chat with possible guest speakers from local universities or companies about this issue.

Song believes that not only raising awareness on the benefits of alternative and renewable energy will bring about more interest and passion in the field, but also build a foundation for prospective workers in the energy industry, who will help make our world more energy efficient.

"In my opinion, the club will be the most effective way to set example and to encourage others and the community to support the developmen

t of alternative energy," secretary senior Kevin Adinata said. 

Depending on how many will take action to find new ways to conduct energy, the world may not end in 2012. And Energy Club is one of the first few taking the beginning steps in saving the planet.