Campus vandalized over mid-year break

Campus vandalized over mid-year break

Jacqueline Barr


Bleachers and tennis courts graffitied by seemingly the same person




During mid-year break, the school insignia on the backboard of the bleachers changed and now reads "Matawhores" replacing the originally intended "Matadors".  An unknown person or persons also vandalized the tennis courts and the retaining wall parallel to Madrid Road that is part of the perimeter of the tennis courts.

On Dec. 31, English teacher Sara Borelli discovered the graffiti on the board behind the bleachers and notified Athletic Director Jeff Mueller. Administration knew of the graffiti by the next day, according to Assistant Principal Brad Metheany. 

Because all three locations were tagged in the same type of paint, the graffiti is suspected to have been done by the same person or persons. Every graffiti incident on campus is reported to the sheriff accompanied by pictures. 

"If more graffiti with the same moniker or writing style appears, then we know we have a serious offender," Metheany said.  

There have been no reports of similar tagging in the area. 

To clean up the graffiti, the bleachers will have to be repainted. The custodial staff painted over the letters but a professional painter would also be needed to repaint the "D". The original back board was painted by a MVHS parent who only charged the cost of the paint. However, this time, a paid professional will be hired to repaint the insignia, costing approximately $140 .

According to Facilities Manager Chris Kenney, there will still be traces of the graffiti. When the backboard is repainted, there will be a subtle difference in the coloration.

There are currently discolored spots on the library and D building walls from prior incidents  of graffiiti. 

"We have discolored patches of walls [from previous graffiti] because the paint does not match. Even when we take the paint to get it color matched, it never ends up exactly the same," Kenney said.

The paint on the tennis courts will have to be removed by the district’s bead blaster — a machine similar to a sander that removes paint.  Unfortunately, the blaster is so strong that it will remove the surface of the court along with the paint. The tennis courts will then need to be resurfaced costing additional fees.

"I get so disappointed when I see graffiti," Kenney said. "But I know that compared to other schools we are pretty well off." 

 Any known information concerning the graffiti should be reported to administration as soon as possible. Check back on as this story develops. Last updated on Jan 15.