Relaxing with the zombies

Relaxing with the zombies

Ingrid Chang

Undead Awareness comes up with another new school-wide game

Being a zombie may not be easy—you lose your innate human traits and sanity. In Undead Awareness’ new game, you can become a zombie and see things from their point of view, temporarily at least.

This time, instead of tagging each other with spoons, Undead Awareness Club planned a game of zombie tag. Unlike spoon tag, zombie tag only lasts an afternoon. The game is mostly played like a normal game of tag; the twist is that anyone who gets tagged becomes infected and then must try to infect the rest of the "human" players. The last person standing is the winner and becomes the new zombie for the next round.
A screenshot of the promo video made by senior Kavita Singh gives a preview of what the game is like. Screencapture by Ingrid Chang.
Zombie tag was one of Undead Awareness’ initial ideas when the officers started the club.

"I had been doing some volunteering at Sedgwick Elementary School and everyday we would play zombie tag with a bunch of seven-year-olds and I wanted to bring that to this school," Undead Awareness Club President senior Kavita Singh said.

Because zombie tag takes place on the Thursday after finals, the game is intended to help people relax after a stressful finals week.

Many people like senior Hanson So, who participated in spoon tag are now interested in zombie tag. So was at first a little hesitant about the game but later changed his mind.

"I think it’s fun when we get to play a game [that]  involves the whole campus and use your skills to be stealthy, " So said. "It’s [also] a great chance to meet new people."

Anyone is welcome as long as they’re interested. The promotion flyer even informs students that they don’t even need to be physically fit in order to succeed in the game because zombies limp or wobble instead of run.

"I think [zombie tag] will be very exciting because I saw that spoon tag was really exciting and this is after finals so everyone won’t be that busy," senior Madula Ramabathiran, Undead Awareness’ vice president, said. "It’s like a fun thing to do after finals where you can take your mind off of all that stress."

As a fun gathering that will take place at the lower field, players just need to remember not to get too engrossed and transform into a real zombie during the game.