Kindness Week kicks off

Shreya Shankar

According to School Loop, "kindness is [a] universal language that brightens our day." That’s the idea behind the annual Kindness Week, held this week from Dec. 7 to Dec. 11.

Usually hosted by Student Life Commission, Kindness Week is organized by Student Academics Commission this year.

There will be lunchtime activities in the rally court throughout the week to promote kindness among the student body. Monday’s lunchtime activity allowed students to pick out temporary tattoos and face paint, encouraging participants to "grab a friend and share the fun". On Tuesday, the rally court will see the planting of Kindness Seeds at lunch. Wednesday’s lunchtime activity is Kards for a Kiss, giving students the opportunity to write up a Kindness Kard in exchange for a Hershey’s Kiss. On Thursday, the rally court is hosting lunchtime friendship bracelets, and Friday’s event is a surprise.

Kindness Kards will also be available for students to fill out for free in the office. The deadline for Kindness Kards’ submission is Wednesday, according to School Loop, and the Kards will be delivered in fifth and seventh periods on Friday.

"It’s the week before the finals and we wanted everyone to get into the holiday spirit before break… We wanted everyone to relax a bit," Student Academics Commission member senior Yasmine Kotturi said. "We’re just trying to unite the school a little bit."