Pop, lock, let’s talk

Pop, lock, let's talk

Aafreen Mahmood

Sex gets everyone’s attention. See?

Under normal conditions, the Martian is a completely unfathomable beast. This hasn’t been the case for a few weeks now as Venusians have united with their masculine counterparts on the one subject that brings us all together: hormones.

There’s been a slight change in climate on campus. Something’s different about the idle chatter that usually pervades the air. The atmosphere’s getting heated from the dissonance brought on by the latest catastrophe, the Welcome Back dance.

On School Loop and in the hallways, people are making their opinions known, calling Martians and Venusians alike to arms. But through all the outrage, I’ve been busy noticing something else from the sidelines, something better: for the first time, we’re all communicating!  

Everyone knows about guys’ affinity for retreating in the face of expression, and everyone cringes at ladies’ oversharing escapades. But who’d have thought that one disaster of a dance could suddenly get the disparate species’ communication skills to this caliber? On the School Loop thread, around three-quarters of the vehement responses came from boys, and the remaining fourth of Venusians didn’t disappoint with their eloquence.

On the whole, both species agreed: the dance was bad, and sexual interaction is good.
So it looks like we’ve finally found something in common with the Martians. Once sex gets in the mix, everyone’s got an opinion. Now if only we could bring those opinions to real conversations.