Akshay Agrawal

Welcome to the fourth generation iPod Nano.


Apple’s 4th Generation Nano

Apple recently released its revamped line of iPod Nanos in nine vibrant hues- mine is purple- equipped with an array of fabulous new programs and features. A built-in accelerometer, a Genius playlist maker, and an aesthetically-mouthwatering exterior are all part of the package. And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface- because a few hours into Apple’s design dream, you will have scratched not only the surface, but chipped the bottom, dirtied the screen, and battered the sides.

Of the many glitzy new features that grace the new Nano, its built-in accelerometer definitely wins for Most Innovative. While accelerometers have been used for shock detection in the automobile industry for awhile now, Apple first used them in the iPhone, and now in the new Nano. The accelerometer detects the direction in which the iPod is being held and reorients the screen accordingly. Thanks to the accelerometer, you can browse album covers  when you turn the Nano on its side. Or, if you want to shake things up, you can shuffle music by simply shaking the Nano. One may then wonder how the iPod Nano would be possible to use while active, but fear not- the designers haven’t left you hanging. The Nano needs to be deliberately shaken in a particular way- and hard- to activate the shake-shuffle capability. It’s genius.

Speaking of genius, the iPod Nano also provides you with your own personal musical Einstein. Similar to programs like Pandora and Slacker, it flawlessly links similar tracks and creates a playlist out of them. Even better, the playlist can be refreshed, getting new tracks every time. This endlessly practical feature makes music browsing infinitely easier.

As for the Nano’s greatest marketing tool, its stunning design, it works… but not for long.

The Nano has a sleek, sophisticated exterior— its slim but subtly curved shape makes it the supermodel of Apple’s new generation. Like any supermodel, however, the Nano has a limited shelf life. Its cosmetic appearance and visual appeal is best observed in its sterile Apple box, before the wear and tear starts to show. Though the ads brag "an all-new aluminum design," it is imperative for aesthetic-centric buyers to understand that the aluminum is not making the Nano any sturdier. A word of caution to the fellow klutz: keep this Apple supermodel in your pocket and off the runways— that is, if you want it to see the next season.