FUHSD plans to renovate five facilities

FUHSD plans to renovate five facilities

Samved Sangameswara

New designs for outdoor athletic facility are underway, with ideas, blueprint, and discussion. 

MVHS varsity football coach Jeff Meuller has a 35 players, a staff of nine coaches, and a quality shot at making CCS this year, but he's still missing one thing: a field that his team can play on.
 However, that is about to change.

Thanks to Bond Measure B, which was passed last June, MVHS along with the other four schools in the district have received $40 million to be used to renovate all outdoor athletic facilities.

"Yes, we've always wanted [a football field],"  Assistant Principal Brad Metheany said."But you can't just pull $34 million out of your regular budget."

Meuller hopes that a large portion of that money will go to renovating the school's currently inactive football field.  As of right now, due to a lack of proper facilities, the varsity Matadors play all home football games at Cupertino High School.  Meuller hopes that the new field renovations will change that.

"We want [students] to have the real high school experience of a home football game," Meuller said.

The decision of MVHS' athletic facilities fate is currently being debated amongst a committee that has been formed to discuss the renovations.  The committee, comprising of Meuller and Metheany as well as several MVHS teachers, administrators and FUHSD representatives, has been meeting over the past few weeks to determine how money will be allocated.

Although the football field is in dire need of renovation, it is not the sole focus of this project.  As of right now MVHS has plans on completely renovating the lower field.  Plans include pushing the baseball backstop farther towards the tennis courts to create room for a larger playing space for soccer and field hockey and putting a receding wall on the grass hill between the baseball and football fields.  The possibility of an all turf field is also being looked into.

MVHS, as well as the other four schools in the district are putting the job of designing the renovations in the hands of Verde Design, a design company that has done work on the fields of San Jose State University and Santa Clara University.  The five schools were given a floating budget of $40 million to share amongst themselves.

MVHS decided to form this committee and make a list of  desires for the new athletic structures.  The list is then presented to Verde and they have the task of what Athletic Director Brian Sullivan calls "plotting the boxes."  This means they are
finding a way to meet MVHS' desires while working around the lack of space at our school.

Construction will begin on one or two of the five schools the day after the Class of 2009 graduation ceremonies.  The district has yet to decide which school is going first.

    Sullivan is excited for the new facilities, which hopefully will be done by February of 2010 providing that MVHS goes first, but hopes that these new features will move beyond just the MVHS community.  Sullivan wants to see the future fields being used not only by MVHS, but by the surrounding communities as well.

    "The community payed for all of this through their taxes, " Sullivan said.  "We want to give them something they can be proud of."