The road to adulthood is never a smooth ride. But some obstacles strike early in life and affects the future of adulthood. That innocence of a child could be completely erased with trauma, under the influence of an adverse childhood experience.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can be stressful or traumatic events that include neglect and abuse. These traumas derive from many different events that directly impact a child and their mental health. MVHS student advocate Richard Prinz states that, “[Adverse childhood experiences] can occur in prolonged trauma involving ... harm or loss or abandonment by caregiver, divorce, death and relocation”.

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A fractured family: Divorce

Students describe how they adjusted to their parents’ divorce

Growing up with half-siblings and step-siblings

MVHS students discuss their experiences adjusting to life with their half-siblings and step-siblings

The ones they lost

Students and teacher talk about losing members of immediate family